DevOps Automation
Scale applications as needed
Scale applications across machines laterally replicating the same instance or use a high performance computation cluster as back-end.
DevOps Automation
Docker and Kubernetes support
Deploy ownR on a Kubernetes cluster or a single machine as a Docker based platform.
Secure endpoints
Every API endpoint is secured out of the box with an API key.
User authentication and authorization
Every Web App is secured with user authentication. Control which users have access to which applications from an intuitive GUI.
Secure application kernel
Each container has its own application kernel, limiting the attack surface of the host.
DevOps Security
Built on distroless images for additional security, reducing the threat surface. Images contain only the needed packages, folders, etc., rendering most attacks harmless.
DevOps Security
Controlled visibility
Applications cannot access data from other applications or the host, limiting data leaks. Best practices like environmental variables and secrets limit security risks further.
DevOps Migration
Lift and shift migration
Migrate the platform and all your applications between on-premise, public cloud providers or private clouds without hustle.
Your Apps, your URL
Web Apps, API endpoints and reports can run on private or public IP addresses depending on accessibility needs.
Monitor the CPU, memory, network and disk usage real time and view historical data.
Access containers
Use the integrated Portainer instance to access the containers underlying each and every application.
Manage users
Manage users directly from the administrator’s GUI.
Admin interface and monitoring
Monitor your API endpoints via a GUI. See successes, failures and workload at a glance. Check inputs and outputs of specific calls.
Web Automation
Automate EUC workflows
With the Web Apps you can support EUC workflows in IT-controlled and auditable environments.
Web Automation
Integrate Data Quality checks to the workflow
Data quality checks implemented in code can be automated and can take place during data upload.
Mobile App integration
Integrate your solutions with a mobile App to provide better support for your customers.