Web Apps as a front-end
Deploy Flask, Dash, Shiny, Golem and Genie Apps with a single git push.
Web Automation
Complex workflows with intuitive GUI's
Reduce manual and error prone process steps and guarantee every model runs using the most up to date dataset.
Excel as a front-end
Integrate your models with Excel via API calls. Your code remains under your control, your users keep using Excel.
Automated API endpoint generation
Deploy Python, R and Julia packages and modules to get an API automatically. No boiler-plate code needed.
Static reports with fix URL
Replace emailed PDFs with a controlled process. Deploy rendered Notebooks as static reports with a fix URL and user authentication.
Interactive reports
Interactive Notebooks as an easy to use scenario analysis solution making your models accessible to a wider audience.
Web API Reports
Separate data and formulas
Separate data (XLSX, SQL, etc.) and formulas (Python, R, Julia) to increase control and performance.
Web API Reports
Separate front- and back-end
Separate front- and back-end to improve change management and control and to increase flexibility.
Change control
Git driven deployment processes
Deploy your API, web application and report applications with a simple git push.
Change control
Launch older versions of your App
All previous versions of your App remain available and can be launched with a click of a button.
DevOps Automation
Containerized applications
Every deployed application is containerized automatically.